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The Guidelines

Objects of the Trust

The Trust was created by the Will of Herbert Roy Rowlands who died on 3 December 1996.  Extracts from a memorandum incorporated in the Will are set out below:

“I wish to encourage research, education and training in the broadest sense so as to promote success. I also support charities providing for medical and scientific research, the Services, the sick, the poor, the handicapped, the elderly, music, the arts, the environment and the restoration and maintenance of Anglican Church buildings.”                

“I look to the Trustees to ensure that funds applied for obtaining benefits… not obtainable from State funding”.

Policy for grants

The general policy regarding donations is as follows:

  • All applicants must be registered charities. Community Interest Companies (CICs) are NOT eligible to apply.
  • The Trustees will only consider applications which provide benefit within the geographical area covering the West Midlands and South Midlands including Hereford and Worcester, Gloucester, South Shropshire and Birmingham and as detailed on the below map. Projects must be located within the defined geographical area as well as providing benefit for individuals who are resident in the area.

  • The Trustees do not intend making grants to charities for the benefit of animals.
  • The Trustees are not in a position to assess applications by or on behalf of individuals and will not consider these applications.
  • The Trustees will prioritise funding to churches who can show a demonstrable use to the community.
  • It is the Trustees’ usual practice to make grants only for capital expenditure and applications for revenue funding such as annual running costs (e.g. salaries, rent and administration expenses) will not be considered. The Trustees consider expenditure to be capital in nature if, in its widest sense, the expenditure will have a lasting benefit. You should tell us what the lasting benefit would be. Wherever possible you should provide examples and case studies showing the benefit of your proposal.
  • The Trustees’ will NOT grant funds for the production and distribution of leaflets and brochures.

Application process

Please ensure you satisfy the criteria listed in “Policy for grants” in Section 2.

Complete the form below and this will be sent to Louise Ruane.

Please send your organisation’s latest annual report and accounts and (if relevant to the request) the latest income and expenditure projections.  If your charity is new and has not yet produced audited accounts, please send draft accounts if available, and bank statements.

You may provide additional information in support of your application, but it MUST accompany a fully completed application form.  You are also requested to provide a summary of your organisation’s work and objectives on the separate sheet provided.

Administrative details

In order to reduce administration costs and ensure maximum distribution the of Trust’s funds:

  • We will NOT acknowledge receipt of your completed application form and supporting paperwork;
  • Successful applicants will receive payment electronically within 14 days of the appropriate meeting;
  • During 2023 the Trustees meetings are:
  • Monday 6 February 2023 with a deadline for applications 18 January 2023
  • Monday 24 April 2023 with a deadline for application 5 April 2023
  • Monday 10 July 2023 with a deadline for application 21 June 2023
  • Monday 9 October 2023 with a deadline for application 20 September 2023

All applications are considered in the light of others received and available resources.

Thank you for your cooperation.  

The Trustees of The Rowlands Trust   

Application for a Grant by a Charitable Organisation

(Please note that applications should be made for capital funding only.)

Our funding decisions are guided by the criteria laid out in Mr Rowlands’ Will, and we are keen to hear from charities needing help.