Application Form and Guidelines for applying to the Education Awards Scheme

The Guidelines

Objects of the Trust

The Trust was created by the Will of Herbert Roy Rowlands who died on 3 December 1996.  Extracts from a memorandum incorporated in the Will are set out below:

“I wish to encourage research, education and training in the broadest sense so as to promote success. I also support charities providing for medical and scientific research, the Services, the sick, the poor, the handicapped, the elderly, music, the arts, the environment and the restoration and maintenance of Anglican church buildings.”                

“I look to the Trustees to ensure that funds applied for obtaining benefits… not obtainable from State funding”.

Policy for entering into the Education Award Scheme

The scheme has been established to “promote success” by selecting appropriate schools and recipients.   The scheme provides financial assistance to students entering further education at university.  Financial assistance will be given for the 3 academic years that the student is attending their course.                    

The school

The school’s suitability will be assessed by the Trustee as part of the application process. The onus will be on the school to present suitable candidates for the education award. The application will need to fully outline why the school believes they have suitable candidates for the reward scheme.

The identification of suitable candidates

A selection panel should be established, and the panel should contain at least one member of the school’s senior leadership team and the Chair or Vice Chair of the Local Governing Body. The panel should comprise of no less than 3 members.

The selection panel should use its knowledge of students’ backgrounds and aspirations to identify suitable candidates.  In identifying candidates, the selection panel should have regard to:

  • The circumstances of each candidate.
  • The motivation and determination of the candidate to succeed.
  • The candidates’ ability to set and achieve both personal and educational target related to their chosen area of study.
  • The contribution the candidates have made to life of their peers and the school community as a whole.
  • The candidates’ potential as roles models to motivate those who follow them into the school.

Geographical criteria

The school must fall into the Trust’s area which is outlined in detail in the map below but covers parts of or all of the West Midland, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Shropshire.

Application process

Please ensure you satisfy the criteria listed in “Policy for entering into the Education Award Scheme ” in Section 2.

Complete the form below which will be sent to Louise Ruane.

You may provide additional information in support of your application, but it must accompany a fully completed application form. The additional information may be attached as a Word file during the application.

All applications are considered in the light of others received and available resources.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

The Trustees of The Rowlands Trust  

Application for a Grant by a Charitable Organisation

(Please note that applications should be made for capital funding only.)

Our funding decisions are guided by the criteria laid out in Mr Rowlands’ Will, and we are keen to hear from charities needing help.